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Hi! I’m Louise, a fun wedding photographer covering Dorset & the UK 

I’m Louise, Dorset’s most fun photographer (self-proclaimed). I love crafting, colour and camping. At weddings, I’m brilliant at making couples feel relaxed, at the same time as having a laugh with your guests so they don’t bat an eyelid at me taking photos of their most ridiculous moments.

My awesome couples just want to have an amazing day with their friends and family, and to me, that’s what it’s all about.

Fun and colourful wedding photography for laidback party loving couples who want their photos to show what a ruddy good time they had.

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How I work

You love photos, but you don’t love being IN photos.  You want photos of the two of you living your best life on your wedding day but you don’t want to feel like you’re being papped all day. You’re looking forward to marrying your lobster and having an absolutely ace day with your favourite people. You want pics of all the fun bits, the silly bits, even the emotional bits, and you want a photographer who blends in like a guest.

“Just wow.”

“On the day Louise made everyone feel at ease, and to be honest I don’t think most people even knew they were there throughout the majority of the day as she was so discreet! She stayed throughout the whole day, capturing everything, and was even weaving out of the drunken dancers at the end! And the results – WOW.”

Alex + Zoe x

Latest work

Gorwell Farm wedding

Gorwell Farm wedding

If you’re planning a Gorwell Farm wedding you’ll want to check out this blog of gorgeous images from Ryan & Gemma’s wedding.


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