Choosing Lulworth Cove for a pre wedding photo session turned out to be the perfect decision.  Amy & Tony love being by the sea, they have their own boat and just love the outdoors, plus there is a pub nearby that sells amazing cider so that was the clincher!

We headed down to the Cove late afternoon when the light was particularly beautiful.  I mean, just check out the colour of that sky!!! Just gorgeous.  I’ve only lived in Dorset for a few years and have all of these beautiful spots on the doorstep and somehow still manage to not get around to visiting them!  Do you find that?  I am going to make a conscious effort to change that so if you have any recommendations of places to visit send em on over – they will be gratefully received!

Anyway, back to Amy & Tony.  They bonded over a bag of chips and have been inseparable since.  I’m surrounded by love and happiness doing this job and it’s one of the most amazing things about being a wedding photographer.  But sometimes you meet couples that you know were just 100% meant to be and that is Amy & Tony.  They giggle at each other constantly, they look at each other adoringly, and they are like two magnets that just can’t separate.  Being around love like that makes me so happy.

Here are the photos as proof – you’ll see what I mean! 😉


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