They are all amazing I love them all so much just looking at them again – it’s my new nightly thing to look at all the photos 😃

A Beautiful Stokes Farm Barn Wedding

Dot and Ben’s gorgeous barn wedding goes down in history as one of my favourites. After their pre wedding session I fell in love with them so much I was almost gutted when the wedding was all over! Sarah who was second shooting for me that day felt the same!

Groom Prep

It was an early start for us meeting the boys at Bospherus in Wokingham for a Turkish shave! This guy knows what he’s doing, he learnt how to do it on his travels and has brought his skillz to Wokingham. HE ACTUALLY SET THEIR EAR HAIR ON FIRE!!!

And then there was a rather amusing moment when the boys realised that one of the ties was child’s size!  Well, funny from the outside looking in anyway!

Dotty socks for his Dot 😍

Bridal Prep

Anyway, we then went to grab some brekkie before heading over to the girls.  All the girls were split between Dot’s house and her mum’s and there was a hairy moment when the keys got locked in and one of the bridesmaids had to go knocking on the neighbours for a spare key! There was a lot of laughter and fun – exactly how you would want to spend your last morning as a Miss.

I can’t even tell you what was said to get this reaction it’s far too rude.

Ceremony in the Main Barn

Dot’s mum walked her down the aisle to her beloved and the pair just couldn’t stop grinning. It’s making me smile now thinking of it haha!

Bride & Groom Photos

I quite often get asked about couples photos, my couples know they want them, but they don’t want to dedicate too much time to them as they want to spend as much of their day with their friends and family. This works perfectly for me as my favourite part of the day is capturing people naturally doing what they do. But a quick 15 minute wander can give you a few different photos of the two of you and your Nan is sure to like one of them. I took Dot and Ben for a little walk around the beautiful grounds of Stokes Farm Barn and luckily there were plenty of photo ops!

Just including this here because Dot’s brothers said one of the loveliest things during their speech and despite being nearly a year on (yes I am that bad at blogging) I still remember it. They said that no mater where they all live, wherever Dot is is where they think of as home. And I can well imagine that to be true.

I think of their wedding every time I hear Jump on It! The minute the music started the dance floor in the main barn was heaving and I’m sure that carried on well into the night.

Their ace barn wedding was every bit as awesome as they are.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the best bits.

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