Picture of Florence's freelensed little blonde plait.

Florence’s freelensed little blonde plait.


I have lost count of the number of times I have started a 365 personal project – or a photo a day as you might prefer to call it!  I always start out with good intentions, but for some reason, I fall off the wagon, and then I think oh well, I’ve missed 3 days, I can’t catch up now, and give up.  I mean what pressure!

So I thought about why I was doing it…

1. I like taking photos… but when I’m put under pressure – it loses it’s appeal.
2. I want to have a record of every day for when I’m old and grey – but some days it’s just not practical!
3. I want to push myself to take more interesting photos and keep on learning how to make myself better.

So when I take a step back and look at it, I realise that if I remove the pressure – I would probably do it anyway!  So here I am… embarking on a “photo on days I feel like it” challenge.

Today’s photo I was trying something new called freelensing.  See how there is a minute amount in focus and the rest is really creamily out of focus.  I was addicted – I want to take ALL of my photos this way!  So Floss is obsessed with having her hair in plaits, and having the focus on one of her teeny tiny plaits like this means this photo is going to be loved by me forever.

I’ll be putting my pictures on instagram so come and follow me – click the link to the right.  And if you’re on instagram, comment below and I will give you a follow back.

Have a good week everybody!

Louise x

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