Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

India & Stephen’s pre wedding session at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

If awesome colour turns you off then first of all – what are you even doing here? Secondly you’d better put your sunnies on now as this session is a corker of colour!




India and Stephen actually live in Newcastle which is 4987 thousand miles away (almost) but I was absolutely sold on their plans for their wedding and was SO excited when they booked me!  And that also meant a road trip down to Dorset to have their pre wedding session with me.  India did some searching and decided she would like to do the shoot at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens in Wareham and I am SO pleased she did!





Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens




Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens is so completely gorgeous, the most lush greenery all around.  So many little nooks and bridges, and there’s a cute little wonderland sculpture trail.  It’s basically an absolute stunner.  They do weddings there too… I would LOVE to shoot one there!









The Proposal in their words…




“The proposal was not a grand gesture in front of everyone. It was actually better, and yet somewhat felt not like a proposal at all! It was the 10th September. We went for chips at the beach and had a nice day, & discussed our 10 year plan for life (farm animals as pets, babies, PhD’s, and including an outdoor wedding with pizza (which is what we are doing!)) and we came back and sat on the sofa. Just a normal day. Stephen said something flippant about marrying me at some point (I can’t remember what he said) and I replied something along the lines of “well you keep saying you’re going to marry me, when are you gonna do it?!” and he went “Ok then” moved the coffee table out the way immediately, got on one knee and gave me this cute speech about how he wants to grow old with me and he loves me, yada yada yada, and I was laughing going “yeah, nah you’re not serious” and then he got some garden twine from the kitchen and wrapped it round my finger. To which I laughed and said are you serious, are we engaged? he said yes, and I thought I should probably ring my mother! I kept that twine for a good while until it went gross and soggy and he kept replacing it with fresh twine. A month later I finally received an emerald ring to replace the twine. I still have one version of my twine ring somewhere!”

If I don’t find that twine ring on their wedding day I’m going to have a tantrum.

The photos





And here’s the rest of the photos from their pre wedding session.  If you’re newly engaged and fancy a shoot at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens or you’re getting married there and are looking for a wedding photographer then give me a shout!







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