Hi! I’m Louise

I live in Dorset with my two cats Pip and Pingu, three kids and my partner Matty. Having a wedding photographer you like and get on with is important, so scroll on to see what I’m all about!

My faves.

All my fave things (it’s mainly gin).

I love reading, crafting, festivals and drinking in the sun. My fave festival is Larmer Tree (can you tell from my branding?!). The best time of the week is when I go to Friday night club (getting together with friends and all the kids on a Friday night with gin – mine’s a Hendricks Mojito, yum). I dress pretty colourfully and completely without style or consequence, because life is much more fun that way. I love all things 60s/70s, especially kaftans with excellent prints. You’ll see in my photos I love a good print!

The food thing.

Yup, I’m vegan!

I’m vegan and find everything around eating a bit of a chore so would love to just take a pill everyday and not have to worry about it! Just SO much to do.  What are we having to eat, ok now I’ve got to shop for it, now I’ve got to cook for it – the eating is ok – NOW I’ve got to clear up – UGH. Thankfully gin is vegan…

Guilty pleasures.

My guilty pleasure is Love Island. No shame.

I love funny films, anything with Melissa Mcarthy in is a hit with me. And my all-time favourite TV show is Schitts Creek.  I’m also a true crime addict. But my guilty pleasure is trash tv, Love Island, Love is Blind, Married at First Sight, yes to ALL of them – SOZ NOT SOZ.

How I work

It’s all about the candid and real moments.

I love looking out for the little stories that unfold throughout the day that might not be about the wedding at all, but the relationships between the two of you and your families and friends. But mostly I’m here for the hilarious and fun moments. A wedding day has it ALL and that’s why I love them so much.

You want to enjoy your wedding day and not be bossed about or pose for hours. You want to look back at your photos and feel rather than just see. I want you to remember how that belly laugh felt, or when that tear was lovingly wiped away, and I want you to feel so glad that I was there at that moment to catch it. I have three cheeky kids – trust me, I don’t miss a thing!


“Words can’t put into words how much we love our pictures. There are so many special photos capturing our family and friends laughing, chatting, dancing, and just generally having a good time. Details captured that I didn’t even take in on the day! And even managing to capture pictures of us both with both of our dogs (who do not do posing!) looking the same way – a miracle and now one of our most treasured photos ever!”


Bridesmaid getting dressed

Let’s do this

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