Blandford Doorstep Project | Covid-19 Lockdown

With all that’s going on during this crazy time I have lost almost all of my work due to weddings postponing.  Matty has been furloughed and we have been homeschooling/trying not to go insane with the kids.  The ONLY respite we have is the daily exercise.

We started off counting the rainbows and bears we saw in people’s windows. We cross paths with people giving them a wide berth and are given a HUGE boost if we see someone we know in their garden or on their walk so we can wave an have a socially distant chat! 

One thing that is common to pretty much every household I know is that we are all eating SO much more.  My own sister’s weekly food bill is 50% more than it normally is! 

This got me thinking about the people that struggle to pay for food at the best of times and how since lockdown the number of people using the food bank have TREBLED.,  Having seen other photographers create some amazing photos just on the doorstep, the Blandford Doorstep Project has been born!


On my daily exercise I will wander the streets of Blandford (probably with the family) and for just £20 donated to the Blandford Forum Food Bank either directly or through me I will come and take a picture of you and your gang hanging out on your doorstep or in your garden.  I’ll stay at least 2 metres away at all times and payment will be via bank transfer to ensure no germ transfer!  I’ll email you an online gallery of the photos I take and you can download one for free, and if you would like any more you can buy them through the gallery too. 

So if you’re interested, choose your slot below and  I will send you the details on how to donate the £20.  I’ll be booking one week at a time until the end of lockdown so get in quick!





Relaxed and fun bride and groom photos

Relaxed and fun bride and groom photos

People say to me “we love your candid style but do you do bride and groom photos too” and of COURSE I do! Here’s a few of my favourite relaxed couple’s photos from my past weddings.


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