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Whatever your business, brand or passion is, through awesome images from a fun shoot I will help you show your brilliance to the world (or corner of it).

Before your session I will work with you to get a good picture of the story you’re hoping to tell and messages you want to portray about you and your brand on your online presence.  I will get you to think about what is really important to you, what is important to your ideal clients and together we will create images that are true to you and appealing to them.

At the end of if you will have a bank of images to pull from that will show you and your brand in all it’s glory. 

What is Brand Photography


For the first blog of the website *SOUND THE KLAXON* I thought it would be a GREAT idea to explain a little bit about what Brand Photography actually is.  It’s not another wanky buzz word, it’s not a fancy way of saying “headshots”, it is it’s own thing, and I’ll tell you why you need it.


Brand photography gives you bespoke images that are completely on brand for use in your marketing and social media to bring your brand to life and help you connect and engage with your ideal customer.


It includes behind the scenes images, headshots (not cheesy ones I promise), product imagery, where you are, flat lays and anything that is relevant to your business.  People connect with people WAY quicker than a business and these sorts of images are the way to bring your brand to life and give it personality.  It’s a way to sell without being salesy, helping your ideal customers to connect with you and imagine how it will FEEL to work with you/buy from you because they can see it.


Do you need brand photography?


We are in a world now where EVERYTHING is accessible at our fingertips.  In order to connect with your audience you need to stand out from the crowd.  With images from a brand photography session you will elevate yourself from the competition.  Your website will look professional and on brand.  You will have engaging images for your next launch. You will feel confident that your social media tells your story and you have images for every type of message you want to get across.  You don’t have to waste time searching on stock image sites only to end up with an inconsistent brand – after your session you’ll have a bank of images to pull from for ALL of these eventualities.  You don’t want to do it – you NEED to do it!

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