I’m getting married in the morning… la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaa

Ok I’m not really, but I bet you that’s what Emma & Alex we both singing the night before they got married.  The sun was shining – what a result in April, English weather is so unpredictable, the song could have had a whole different tune!

Sarah and I headed straight to the girls that sunny April morning and aside from capturing the girls getting ready, had lots of fun with the gorgeous and cheeky page boy!  Emma’s dress was delicately beautiful and we felt it fit a rural environment to show it off.  Unfortunately it was rather windy so that proved a bit tricky, and even though I’m insured I didn’t fancy trying to untangle the dress from the twigs and branches!  So we got a quick shot and moved on to the other details!

    Once we had rescued the dress from the dangers of the outdoors, Emma finished getting ready and her mum helped tie her dress.  This is one of my favourite photos actually, you can see mum reaching up to tie the dress and Emma’s sister in the background looking on.

    Dress on, only thing left to do was to was get Dad’s approval.  I am welling up already so I better skip to the next paragraph!


      We got to the venue to find an uncharacteristically calm Alex!  So secure in their love, he knew she would turn up and he had no nerves at all, or if he did, he did a very good cover up job!

      The ceremony was packed, Emma & Alex are clearly a popular couple and I know why, they had genuine happiness exuding from every pore and it was contagious!


      We couldn’t wait to whip them away from the brilliant and blinding sunshine for a session for just the two of them.  I think it’s actually quite nice on your wedding day to have a moment to take a breather with your newly wedded other (and a couple of photographers obvs), leave the party to warm up for when you get back!  Warbrook House has such amazing grounds what with it’s picturesque lake and secret forest, we could have gone on forever finding new spots.  Hopefully Emma & Alex will love one of them enough to pop on the mantelpiece!

        Bride and groom laughing against a wall

        My favourite.

        Bride and groom laughing against a wall

        And this one.


        We headed back to join the guests who were enjoying their pimms in the garden, and not long after that headed in for the wedding breakfast.  Alex has had recent health problems so you can just imagine how heartfelt the speeches were, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room and the compassion and care shared among the two families was palpable.  With speeches done, everyone settled down to eat and topped up their energy levels for the party.  And here are the photos!

        Bride and groom having their first dance. Black and White.

        The first dance

        groom pinching bride's bum first dance

        Cheeky slow dance bum pinch… they were the days! 😉

        Bride and groom having their first dance. Black and White.

        The first dance

        Bride and groom having their first dance. Black and White.

        The first dance

        Bride wipes away a tear during her first dance.

        This is love.

        Bride and father dance

        My girl….

        Bride dances with her dad

        Talking bout my girl

        Mother of the bride kisses mother of the groom in the photobooth

        Ahhh the Mum in Laws

        Bride and groom with cowboy hats in photobooth

        Still looking good even in a photobooth!

        Bride & Groom kiss in the photobooth wearing cowboy hats.

        Made for each other <3

        If you liked this post and/or the pictures I would love you to comment in the box below!  And if you are looking for a wedding photographer for your big day then I would LOVE to hear from you!


        Louise x

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