So as much as I would love to sweep this under the carpet and pretend it’s not happening, we know it is and it’s probably giving you some undue stress on the lead up to your wedding.  so what are your options?


Providing government advice allows, I just want to reassure you that I plan on being at every wedding I am booked for and nothing about my coverage will be different.  I’m on VIGILANT handwashing regime and am boring my kids to death with the singing of happy birthday while they wash their hands!  So I am doing my utmost to stay safe and healthy to make sure I am there at your wedding.

So, should I be struck down with it or be quarantined I will of course follow advice and not turn up to your wedding coughing and spluttering over your guests – which I’m sure you will be relieved to hear.  As outlined in my terms and conditions I also won’t leave you high and dry without a photographer.  I have an amazing group of photographer friends and we are all ready to help each other out at the drop of a hat if the worst happens or you have the option of sourcing a photographer of your own.

So that’s that bit covered, let’s move on to your part in this…


Make your wedding smaller

So the advice now is that we should not hold any large social gatherings.  In some areas the current advice is that weddings can go ahead with 5 people (the two of you, your officiant and 2 witnesses – of which I would have to be one if you would like me there).

You could scale down the guest list, let people know that you will be keeping a more intimate ceremony and will celebrate with them at a later date.

Put it to your guests, ask them if they are still wanting to attend as it may be that they themselves are quarantined or nervous of larger gatherings or leaving family members etc.  This may get you down to your required number without having to make any of the difficult decisions yourselves.



If things get really hairy and it becomes impossible to carry out your day the way you planned, you may have no choice to postpone to a later date.

The first thing to do would be to discuss with your insurance about the impact of postponing your wedding and what you will be covered for.

Next speak to your suppliers and check your contracts with them.  As long as I am free on your new date (you can check my calendar below which HOPEFULLY will be up to date, but it’s worth double checking nothing has been booked in to a free date) I am more than happy to transfer to that date with no penalty. Your other suppliers may take a similar view – if you set up a poll on doodle.com and send to all of your suppliers, we can indicate our availability and you might find a date that you can postpone to without losing any of us!  If you need help setting one up just let me know.

Once that decision has been made, all that’s left to do is communicate that to your guests!



buckle up

If all dies down and your wedding goes ahead as planned HOORAY, the sad likelihood is that there will be a number of your guests that won’t be able to attend. I am assuming that your guests will be following guidelines and not attending any social gatherings if they are showing symptoms as I obviously need to keep myself and my family safe too. 

In this instance, there are businesses that are offering live streaming of the wedding that might be worth looking into.  I’ve actually experienced this before with a groom’s mum who was in a hospice and it worked brilliantly so all is not lost!  



Above all else, try not to panic. I know this is a worrying time and not exactly what you had in mind when planning your wedding.  The fact of the matter is, most of you will have no problems at all, and all will carry on regardless. The plan b is for exceptional circumstances, and if they affect you, you will deal with it and get through it.  You will still get married, you will still have an amazing time doing it, and you’ll have an even crazier story to tell.

I’m here to help so let me know what you’re thinking and where you’re at and let me know if I can help with anything at all.

Louise x

Some excellent advice

Love my Dress have got a lot of amazing information and advice for couples facing weddings amidst coronavirus: https://www.lovemydress.net/blog/tag/coronavirus

Government advice: https://www.gov.uk/marriages-civil-partnerships/give-notice

If you’re postponing and feeling blue: https://unconventionalwedding.co.uk/how-to-cope-with-the-postponed-wedding-blues/





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