Why a documentary family session? As parents we have this increasing need to cling on to the disappearing childhood of our babies.  Time flashes by before you know it, milestones are passed, challenges are achieved and increasing height is marked on the door frame.

This is exactly why Kev booked the session, to hold on to his son Bruce’s innocent youth!  When I asked Kev what he loved most about Bruce, he said his smile and his enjoyment of life.  He just loves running, jumping, splashing, chasing and all the things boys should love!  Capturing all of these activities in a documentary style means that all of the images show Bruce in exactly the way that his Dad sees him.  There’s no posing, there’s no awkwardness, there is just Bruce being Bruce.

Bruce loves walking, tennis and cycling and anything that involves the great outdoors!  He also plays guitar and promised me at the end of the session we could go back to his and he could strum out a tune for me!

So we decided to go on a walk to Hod Hill near Blandford in Dorset as it’s one of their favourite activities and I certainly saw Bruce the way his dad does.  We entered the little woodland area next to a running stream, and Bruce was straight in there, splashing in his wellies.  He found a huge stick which is a typical Bruceism – whenever they go on a walk he always finds a good stick to accompany him on his journey!  And we went on a lovely long walk.  We chatted along the way and paused for a rest at the stile and Bruce and his dad had a bit of fun joking around!

One of my favourite images from this session is the one of the two of them laughing together.  I don’t do it enough myself but it is SO important to have pictures of YOU in the photos with your children.  When they are grown they will want to remember you as you were just as much as you will of them!  Plus you know what it’s like, you always think you look awful at the time but when you look back 5 years later you realise how crazy you were for thinking it! PLUS – think of your Grandkids – you will need to convince them that everything wasn’t in black and white when you were young!!!  I know Bruce will treasure that photo in 20 years.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m rambling… but here is the documentary father and son session in images… ENJOY and if you like it, I would love for you to leave me a message at the bottom, it gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling which would be a lovely Christmas prezzie! 🙂

If you’re thinking of booking a session yourself or buying a session for a Christmas prezzie – I do gift vouchers!  Just click here to send me a message – I love to chat!

Boy with football,Dorset Family Photography,Hod Hill,woodland walk,

Boy with stick standing in a stream. Hod Hill,Dorset Family Photography,

Boy with stick standing in a stream. Hod Hill,Dorset Family Photography,

Dorset Family Photographer,lad jumping off a stile at Hod Hill,

Dorset. Family Photography.,Father and son playing bows and arrows with a stick. Woodland walk at Hod Hill,

Boy in his wellies walking along a wooden gate at Hod Hill,Dorset. Family Photographer.,

Boy running up a hill in Blandford,Dorset. Family Photographer.,

Boy walking at Hod Hill,black and white. Dorset Family Photographer.,

Boy laying in the grass on Hod Hill near Blandford Forum,Dorset. Family Photographer.,

Boy laying in the grass on Hod Hill near Blandford Forum,Dorset. Family Photography session.,

boy jumping at the top of Hod Hill,near Blandford in Dorset on a family photography session.,

Boy and a football at the top of a hill. Family Photograper in Blandford.,

Black and white picture of boy with his arms outstretched at the top of a hill in the Dorset countryside.,

Boy walking on top of a hill towards a tree during a family photography session in Dorset.,

Boy on top of a hill with the backdrop of a blue but cloudy sky in Blandford.,

Black and white photo of a boy with his hand out waiting for a ball to drop duing a family photography session at Hod Hill in Dorset.,

Gorgeous picture of a boy looking down in a stripy jumper in the fields near Blandford on a family photography shoot in Dorset.,

Dorset. Family Photographer.,Father and son laughing while sitting on a gate at Hod Hill in Blandford forum,

Dad tidies his son's hair in this black and white image.,

Black and white image of a boy playing on a wooden fence at Hod Hill in Blandford Forum,Dorset.,

Black and white image of a boy walking through the dark woods in Dorset.,

Boy having fun in a stream near Hod Hill in Dorset during a family photography session.,

Boy kicking his football in front of some gates near Blandford in Dorset.,

Boy playing guitar looking to camera. Striking black and white image.,

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