MARIA…… I just met a girl named Maria!  And my GAWD she is beautiful.  Look at those lips – they make a thin lipped Lizzy like me VERY jealous! 😉

I was so touched to be asked to take photos of this family as they are good friends of mine. Although that also means DOUBLE the pressure!

I was also secretly pleased because a family this pretty can’t fail to make good photos – I mean just take a look at little Luca – I am POSITIVE he just stepped out of his Oliver Twist scruffs.  GORGEOUS OR WHAT!

We decided to take a relaxed approach to these photos, which meant we managed to get these lovely natural moments showing the early days as a family of 4 for what they really are.  Just beautiful.

This is my favourite type of session.  These sessions produce the photos that your children and their children will love – you know the ones – the ones that show exactly what life really was like.

So without further ado – here they all are!  If you like them – be sure to leave a comment.  And if you would like to book me to capture the beauty in YOUR every day – get in touch here.   Looking forward to meeting you already! 😉

Oh and if you know anyone who is about to have a new bundle of joy in their lives, find me on instagram or facebook and give them a tag!

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