Dorset Beach Pre Wedding Session

A fun Dorset beach pre wedding session

Today we have Liz & James at a GORGEOUS Dorset beach for their pre wedding session.  We’re so lucky in Dorset to have so many beautiful beach spots to choose from but Lulworth Cove is definitely a favourite of mine, it’s got the perfect mix of backdrops to make for an interesting pre wedding session!  Wonder if you can get married there…

Anyway, Liz and James were perfect fun as you can see, I’m especially proud of getting James smiling as he apparently hates smiling in photos – I don’t let people get away with that hey nonny no no.  So we played some games, had a nice chat, had lots of laughs and generally got excited about their wedding!

Here are the fruits of my labour – hope you like them! I actually had a Freudian slip there and put “hope you like me” #needy.  Anyway – look out for their wedding photos coming up on the blog soon too.


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      Ahhh thanks Rach!


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