Farm wedding near Guildford

Farm wedding near Guildford


Sadie and Damon got married in 2019 in Guildford and was followed by a reception at the Barn at Cross Farm in nearby Shackleford, with grumpy highland cows and gin appreciation details to keep guests entertained.


The ceremony took place in Guildford Registry office which I really like as the main entrance is so pretty. The room itself is small and cosy and perfect for that intimate feel.  Something Sadie had her heart set on was walking down an aisle and because the room doesn’t have one, they created one for her! CUTE.

After the ceremony, we travelled to the reception, which was such a great time for the newly married couple to have some time to let it sink in and have a minute together, and I got some beautiful photos of the venue. The weather for this barn wedding was fresh and sunny, and the rain held off until the guests sat down to eat which was excellent timing!


The reception was held in the gardens of Cross Farm barn. The venue is perfect for weddings because it has really pretty grounds, plenty of parking, and it’s got such a rustic vibe, especially with the pet highland cows! 

Sadie and Damon really wanted a picture with the cows who were family pets and apparently very friendly.  One completely steered clear of us but the other seemed game.  So the bride and groom hopped on a gold buggy with the owner wielding a stick *just in case* – whilst me and Sarah my second shooter that day strolled over the field to join them.  As we joined them, it became pretty clear that Dougal the cow was completely unimpressed and even worse, was offended by the bride’s white dress. We spent a terrifying couple of minutes with the owner assuring us all was fine and as it looked as though Dougal was about to charge, we made a run for it.  Which with hindsight was probably the worst thing to do but you know…. TERROR TAKES OVER! 

Anyway, you’ll see the award winning pic in the album below, you can decide for yourselves if you think it was worth the trauma haha! 

I loved this barn wedding, it was great fun and was a really lovely day. If you’re getting married and looking for a wedding photographer, get in touch.

Here’s Sadie & Damon’s barn wedding story in their words

How did you two meet?We met through a friend, very randomly on a night out in Horley (near Gatwick airport) and just completely hit it off. I stupidly didn’t ask for his number but Damon managed to track me down on Facebook.

Tell me the proposal story…In our early days we went out in London quite a bit on nights out and days touring the city, but my staple was wearing flat shoes walking around and then stopping to change into heels if we were going somewhere fancy. This one time in Leicester Square for New Years Eve, I sat on the wall and changed from my flats to my heels and folded my flats away in my bag (these shoes were amazing!) It’s all about the comfort. Anyway, on the day Damon proposed, he had organised a day out in London, he told me we were going somewhere in Leicester Square. So once we got there he told me to look around and guess where we were going…but I couldn’t figure it out. He then told me we were having afternoon tea at Scoff and Banter in the Hampshire Hotel. AMAZING! So I sat down on the wall to change my shoes, in the same spot as I had done before. I was so focused on changing my shoes that when I turned around Damon had the ring in his hand. Obviously I then cried. The Afternoon Tea was AMAZING!!!!!

What were your favourite moments from the wedding? Seeing everyone’s faces when they walked into the reception room, I’ve had so many comments about all of the little details which makes all the hard work worth it. Seeing my dad’s face when he came to take me down to the car – priceless. The band – just amazing! The food – just incredible.

Tell me about the dress! Where did you find it, how did you choose it, how did you know it was the ONE? I found my dress at Elderberry Brides in Basingstoke, after an awful experience a few weeks before. I think I tried on roughly 6 dresses, I didn’t have that ‘princess moment’, I didn’t cry when I found ‘the one’. I tried my dress on 3 or 4 times and kept looking back at it when I tried other dresses on, which kind of told me that that was actually THE ONE! No-one prepared me for that, so I wasn’t 100% sure. Everyone tells you you’ll know when you try it on but it just wasn’t like that for me. I can’t really say I loved the dress during all of the alteration appointments as I still couldn’t visualise myself in it properly. But once I had my final fitting I fell in love with it!!

Did any of your vendors stand out to you? List any vendors here and feel free to share your experience. Oh My Gosh, Dani @thecuratedkitchen was just incredible! The canapes, the afternoon tea! Her staff and the service was just all faultless. I am still getting comments now about how nice it was to have something different.

How was working with me on your wedding day? YOU WERE AMAZING!! You and your colleague just smashed it. The photo’s are beautiful.  You controlled the group photo’s brilliantly, cracked jokes and were very bubbly. I can imagine it’s quite difficult getting people to where you need them but you had the patience of a saint and are very persuasive.


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