Little girl hanging from a bar with her legs and one hand, focussing on her little sandal. Black and white.

How many of you feel like you’re on a never ending treadmill of having to do STUFF? I have been so busy recently with work, weddings, shoots, editing, washing, tidying (ok you got me – pretending to tidy), tea making, stressing about food shopping (am I the only one that find this the worst job in the WORLD???).  Hands up who is with me.  Life is hard work isn’t it!  And it just seems to pass me by so quickly.

So yesterday Maxwell went to his first ever football match (his team lost – sad face) and I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with my girl. She’s one of those children that loves the attention of having her photo taken but if she notices you framing something she will instantly move on to something else just to be EXTRA annoying! So I took an hour at the park to see if I could get some practice in with the hope of getting some good shots of her. True to form, she was super annoying, but I still got some that I loved, because quite frankly, that is one of the traits I love most about her 😉

Little blonde haired girl in a stripy dress on her scooter on the way to the park and looking through the wire gate.

Florence is a budding acrobat so hanging upside down is her current “thing” along with cartwheels. Cartwheels on her bed, cartwheels in the living room, cartwheels into her brother’s face etc etc.

Florence in her stripy dress hanging from the bars in the park like an acrobat. Three images at varying stages of hanging!

She also has no fear. Maxwell is so cautious and wouldn’t dream of climbing something that was too high or, god forbid, LET GO. But Florence will do anything that she sees someone else doing, and then try to do it better/higher/faster. I should probably put the camera down at these moments.

Little girl in a stripy dress climbing the ladders at the park. 4 images climbing the ladder, at the top of the ladder and then hanging on the way down.

Great excitement happened when she spotted a friend – and tried to turn her into an acrobat too. She wasn’t so keen.

Black and white photo of a little girl helping her little friend in glasses on the bars at the park.

I never want to forget this hair. Sigh.

2 images stitched together, one of Florence's blonde curly locks and the other a black and white photo of Florence on the zip wire in her stripy dress with her curly hair hanging down.

Or her bravery.

Black and white photos of a little girl at the top of a climbing frame and her legs hanging from a bar with her sandals on.

Or that little face.  Monkey.

Little girl in a stripy dress pulling silly faces.

Black and white side profile of a little girl with curly blonde hair and a stripy dress.

She starts school this week, and I’m so glad I’ve got these photos to remind me what she was like just before she became a “schooly” as she calls it.

To me, these are the moments to treasure, I know I haven’t got much longer in the playing years for my kiddos and so I’m going to make sure I’ve got the photos to remind me!

Any of you got babies starting school this year too?  Are you as beside yourself as me?  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to comment below and tell me – it will make me feel like I have friends and replying will give me another excuse not to tidy! 😉

Louise x

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