Gorgeous newborn Milo wrapped in a stretch wrap on a cosy grey flotaki rug.

Gorgeous newborn Milo wrapped in a stretch wrap on a cosy grey flotaki rug.


Hello hello!

I bet you didn’t realise I did more traditional family portrait and newborn sessions did you!  My fault, I don’t have any pics anywhere on my site so I must rectify that.  I LOVE my lifestyle and documentary shoots as you know, but I also know that sometimes there’s a specific image that you have in mind that you want for the wall.  I get it – I’ve got some myself!

So when the Mummy of this gorgeous family called me for this shoot with some very specific images in mind, I snapped it up.  And when I met them I was so pleased I did, they are the loveliest family and all of them so gorgeous!   Their beautiful home was straight out of Grand Designs and there were 3 empty wall spaces in the new kitchen just waiting to be filled with gorgeous family portraits.  Dad is actually French and apparently birth announcements are big over there so that was another reason for the shoot.  Did you do birth announcements?

So, armed with my shot list, I popped over and this is the result… I would LOVE to know what you think so please do leave a comment!  If you know anyone who would like a newborn shoot, give them a tag on facebook or share the post – there just might be something in it for you if you do! 😉

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