Comparison picture of a newborn session and a year later.

What a difference a year makes!


Can you believe it is a year since this little beauty was born? To celebrate, Maria’s Mummy wanted a photo of Maria with the gorgeous framed initial that Maria’s very talented Aunty made her, to show how much she’s grown. I then designed a little card which we got printed so they could use them as thank you cards. What a great idea eh!

Click HERE for a throwback to Maria’s session last year. Lifestyle baby photography is SOOOOOOOO amazing. No stressing over getting the little babe to sleep or squishing them into a perfect position, just pictures of life as it is right that very minute.  I have a hilarious memory of those early days and whilst I would have been mortified if there were images at the time, I would just LOVE to have them now… 

I’ve only ever told this story to a select few but I’m obviously in the mood to share so if you’re still reading you are now in my circle of trust!!!

So when you have your baby, a few days in a midwife comes out to check on you.  She checks that you’re feeding ok, checks that everything has sprung back as it should etc etc!  Well, we were pretty overwhelmed when we had Maxwell, I was exhausted from my month long labour (exaggerated for effect…. but it was long) and other labour related shenanigans.  Maxwell was an incredibly screamy baby and didn’t sleep much – not much changed there… and he was our first baby which was the biggest shock I believe we are ever going to experience.  Needless to say, we were in a bit of disarray shall we say!  Anyway, we suddenly remembered that the midwife was coming round.  I knew she would want to check me over so I quickly went up to the bedroom to straighten it up to give the impression we were in complete control.  I straightened the bed, opened the curtains and picked the dirty clothes up off the floor.  It was an old victorian house where the bathroom is downstairs and through the kitchen and that’s where our wash box was.  So I chucked the dirty clothes down the stairs, as I was still a bit dizzy and we had really steep stairs, then I went to the bottom to pick it all up and take it down to the wash box.

The midwife arrived, we had a nice cup of tea, she sympathised with us over our incredibly screamy baby, checked him over and then she followed me up to the bedroom to check me over.  Once that was done, feeling smug about clearly fooling her with our calm and collected exteriors I followed her back down the stairs.  As we neared the bottom of the stairs, to my horror, I noticed something hanging from the doorframe… as I got closer the realisation set in that it couldn’t be worse… it was in fact a pair of my pants hanging from the doorframe.  In my rush to clear the bedroom, I’d chucked all the clothes down the stairs and a lone pair of pants was swinging from the doorframe as if flung off in some fit of post labour passion.  Lord knows what the midwife must have thought… but she signed us off so it clearly wasn’t that unusual a sight!!

So… if you’re about to have a baby, or have just had one and would like a normal day in your life told in photos so you never forget, just let me know, I’d love to find a story that beats mine!! 🙂

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