Awesome weddings – captured candidly.

The candid and unplanned photos are ALWAYS the most loved. it’s because they show a genuine moment/expression/emotion. So how can you help to make sure your photographer manages to spot these? I’ll tell you – are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin!

Recently I was helping out at a wedding for a photographer friend of mine. I had been given a shot list I needed to take. One of these shots was of the groom looking at the bride as she walks down the aisle. Now ordinarily this is a shot I would try to make anyway as it’s a momentous part of the day and for me it’s a moment I would want to remember as a bride. In my experience with church weddings, the priest or vicar walks down the aisle followed by bridesmaids and page boys etc and then the bride. However, on this occasion the bride went down before her bridesmaids and walked very closely behind the vicar. This meant that I physically couldn’t get this shot as the vicar was blocking the groom completely.

Must have wedding photos *insert eyeroll*

I have seen other photographers be given lists upon lists of “must have” shots and it’s so sad… when you do this you are taking away all the creativity and foresight that you have entrusted in your photographer when you booked them. A wedding photographer doesn’t need a list to work from and will most likely miss an awesome natural moment while their checking their list if they are given one! Book your photographer based on what you have seen them do previously and trust that they will approach your wedding in the same way.

What… no list at all?

I’m not saying that if there’s someone or something very important to you don’t tell your photographer, we definitely need to know who or what that important something is. But be realistic about what that photo might be, a photographer can only get a photograph of cheeky Charlie pulling a silly face if it actually happens, but if Cheeky Charlie is an important someone to you – we will make sure we capture him in all his natural glory.

Work with your photographer!

One of the most important aspects of this all working is the connection you have with your photographer.  That is why meeting or chatting with your photographer is so important – you can build that trust in your photographer to capture the memories that will play the real side of the wedding. This is all about trusting your photographer to be in the right place at the right time to capture the special moments as they happen. Working with your photographer in this way will mean that they will know how to get the type of shots you have booked them for.

Trust me, I’m a photographer…

So what I’m saying is…

Trust your photographer to be in the right place at the right time.

Trust your photographer to look out for special moments that happen.

Trust your photographer to work in a way that they know how to get the type of shots that you booked them for.

And trust that your photographer is going to do their level best to give you every photo that they think will make you happy.

Fall in love with your own photos telling your own story, not someone else’s 😍

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May 15, 2017
This blog had me nodding completely! As a photographer I find it difficult to convince my clients who are too controlling about shoots instead of enjoying their special day and trust my experience in this.