Photo of a lovely old dog called Storm at the beach looking at the camera.
Hi again ladies and gents!
Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world.  So far my clients have been so amazing to work with and that couldn’t be more true of my session with the Fenn family too!I met up with them last month at Hamworthy beach and the weather was perfect for photo-taking, and by that I mean, it wasn’t raining!  While the weather was fine, it was these guys that made this shoot as excellent as it was.
The Fenn family kids consist of Sam, Harri and Betty (plus Storm and Trevor their gorgeous dogs).  Their mum Alicia contacted me about doing a family shoot with her children as lots of things were changing – Sam is off to do his PHD, Harri is off travelling, and Betty… well Betty is staying put as she’s only 7!  Alicia and her husband Shaun wanted to get a lovely picture of their babies to make a HUGE canvas of because – basically – mum wanted to freeze time – I think all of us mums can relate to that!
Over the next few weeks we emailed back and forth and I got a really good idea of what Alicia really wanted from these pictures and I got an insight into what they were all like (I had to show Betty’s bonkers personality and her friendship with Trevor for instance!).  I also was VERY aware that Sam and Harri thought that having a photographer take photos of them in a public place was probably the worst thing that had ever happened to them! 😉 you gotta do these things for your mum every now and then don’t you!  So I had to find a way to relax them…We started out with a bit of tug of war as I wanted them to have a bit of fun…
Photo of siblings playing tug of war behind the beach huts at Hamworthy Beach.
Photo of siblings playing tug of war behind the beach huts at Hamworthy Beach.
Photo of siblings playing tug of war behind the beach huts at Hamworthy Beach.
So – what did Mum & Dad think???
“Betty really enjoyed the beach location…and that she managed to catch a crab. The older two loved the memories of being there as we spent so much time there when they were little.   I would definitely recommend going for a “natural” shoot, especially with kids. You can see from our results just how relaxed they were, and I feel gave us better photos.I am still in a state of awe and amazement at the results of the shoot.  Louise managed to capture all of my children’s diverse personalities on print, I know for a fact that they must have felt relaxed and comfortable in order to do this.The photos mean so much to us as they signify a major change in our family, the older two are getting ready to leave and I’m not sure we will ever have these moments, or at least not for a long time.I know I’ll be able to look back on these photos in years to come and feel as happy and proud as I do now.”
As you can see from the comments above and the photos below, this family is not only photogenic, but also so close and clearly love spending time together, and families as close as this will always be that way – no matter the distance – I PROMISE ALICIA!!! 😉
Enjoy the photos!

    Black and white photo of siblings during a lifestyle shoot.

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