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The photos from Philly’s maternity photography session I’m sharing with you today turned out so beautifully.  As I was editing all the preview pictures for this blog post, I kept getting more and more excited with how they all turned out.

Before I show you this session though, I want to first tell you about Phillippa & Paul. We met up at at their home a couple of months ago when Philly was 35 weeks and just glowing.  I knew we were in for some gorgeous photos.


Philly had several outfits and she looked beautiful in each of them. She chose to go causal, wearing jeans and everyday clothes as well as her PJ’s which has given us some very real and relaxed photos.  During the photoshoot we used a few props, Philly’s grandmas bracelet as this was very special to her.  Also the 1st pair or shoes that were bought for bump even though they were batman ones (Dad’s fave!), and they later found out that bump is a girl!!

“We were looking for very causal and relaxed photos of me, and the bump, and then a few with Paul, nothing too staged” says Philly. I think we definitely pulled off that vibe!

Philly has totally embraced being pregnant and has enjoyed watching her body change, noticing how amazingly your body copes and adapts when carrying a baby, and what a beautiful experience it is.
“my lovely husband has been so supportive throughout my whole pregnancy, but he massages my feet every night and runs me a bath so I can relax after work”  Isn’t that so sweet!!!  He’s definitely a keeper! 😉

Philly admits “I was so nervous about the whole photo shoot as have found it hard to have confidence whilst pregnant, and feel attractive but Louise made me feel so comfortable and made the whole experience enjoyable, so my advice to any mums out there is not to worry, learn to embrace your shape and bump as they come in all shapes and sizes!”

Overall, we had a really fun time together and I know that Philly & Paul are going to make the best parents to their little angel.

I can’t wait to meet her!!! Until then, check out these gorgeous photos!

    Black and white photo of a very pregnant lady hiding behind a wall.

    Black and white photo of a very pregnant lady hiding behind a wall.

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