Halloween has long been one of the favourite celebrations in our house.  For some reason I have always loved masking the real cobwebs with “tradition” and eating all the leftover sweets when no-one turns up for trick or treat!

To get into the spirit of things we like to pick our own pumpkins and carve them ourselves.  I love seeing the kids creating and they have so much fun doing it – apart from the smell – no-one enjoys that.

Here are some images from Bailey Ridge last year when me and my pal took the kids to pick their pumpkins and then a few days later we got them back together to carve them together too.  Bailey Ridge is gorgeous, it has a little shop and reindeer – YES REINDEER!

You go in, pick your pumpkin, wash it at the wash stand then go and pay for your finds in the little shop.  Perfect!

And then come see the even more exciting pumpkin carving. Despite nearly throwing up from the stench of the pumpkin innards we had such good fun making our creepy faces!!  You can see all the shenanigans from that in my next blog.

And I didn’t do it this year but have you ever roasted your pumpkin seeds with a bit of chilli? OH MY GOSH they are so good.

What are you doing this year to celebrate Halloween?? I’d love to hear!


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