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I really love this sort of relaxed family photo session, just hanging around, taking photos of a family just doing what they do.  They’re the sort of images that really make me smile.

Here’s Rudy and his mum and dad obvs, but lets face it, Rudy’s the star of the show!  You may think that baby photo shoots are just for newborns and that now your baby is 3 weeks old and you’ve just about remembered that you used to shower and brush your hair in your pre baby life, you’ve missed the boat for a photo session.  Well think again!  These natural and relaxed sessions can take place at any age. And in fact at any place!  This session happened to take place at home, but we could have just as easily gone for a walk or gone to feed the ducks or anywhere that meant something to them.

So back to our session…

I caught them at home on a lazy weekend where relaxing was the name of the game.  Rudy was having a little snack when I arrived and his dad was doing what all dad’s do – annoy their children!!!  (I can say that as he’s my pal and I know for sure he will make it his life’s work to wind up his children!) Rudy is so full of character he made it totally easy for me.  His little grin is completely adorable – he must get that from his Mama – and the moments that were happening between mum and dad make it clear to see this is a house with a lot of fun and laughter and Rudy is going to grow up a very happy boy indeed.

Once we’d had a little play, it was time for Rudy’s bed.  We went up to check out his bedroom, I think it’s so important to get a snap of the nursery before it becomes a bedroom, they’re only little for such a short time, you gotta capture it all!

One lovely big cuddle with his beautiful mama and it was lights out for Rudy… and time for you to stop reading and start looking!  I now present to you, Rudy and his M&D and their relaxed family photo session – hope you enjoy!

Louise xx


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