Throop Mill, Bournemouth Pre Wedding Session | Vanessa & Sian

Vanessa, Sian & Co at Throop Mill, Bournemouth for a little pre wedding photo session

For today’s session we went to Throop Mill which is an old disused watermill on the River Stour.  It’s apparently a very popular place to fish (I know that as I saw Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer go fishing there on their telly programme… bit gutted they weren’t there on this day).  We just had a little wander down the river, stopping off at particularly picturesque spots until it started to rain and then we headed back.  Not before the kids started a grass fight and I got covered though!

I met Vanessa & Sian when they were wedding planning and I immediately knew I wanted to be part of their wedding.  I just love them both. They’re so in love with each other and you just feel really happy being around them!  When they suggested bringing the kids along to the pre wedding session I couldn’t wait to meet them as I knew they’d be just as ace!

I try and make my pre wedding sessions fun to take the pressure off you feeling like you’re “having your photo taken”.  This session was slightly easier on that front because the kids were there and the focus wasn’t permanently on Vanessa & Sian.  I play little games and give you prompts to hopefully provoke a natural smile or a laugh to get the best photos.  My aim is that then when you look back at the photos you remember the fun you were having, not that time that photographer stood in front of you and told you to smile!  Hopefully that comes across in the photos… let me know what you think!

Anyway, check out the photos below.  I’ll be blogging their wedding soon so look out for that too, I’ll pop the link here when it’s done.



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