Portrait of a gorgeous long haired boy resting his chin in his hands as he looks off into the distance.

I know I know, before you say it, as soon as I set myself something to hold myself to I never follow through on it… but this time it’s different, because this time it’s something I generally do anyway.  Just now I’m going to consciously do it!!

I love those time lapse videos that people do of their kids from day dot to 108 years old, because when you are with people every day, you don’t notice the tiny changes, but the changes added up over a year make a huge difference.  So I’m determined to track the changes, week by week… if you’re lucky I might throw some of me in there too!  I know – I bet you can’t wait!

This week I love the one of Maxwell and his painted a little bit finger reminding me of his inate kindness, Florence loves painting nails, she would change nail colour every hour if I would let her.  But this day she had painted her own, painted mine and my toes… and she had run out of willing digits.  So Maxwell volunteered as long as he could clean it off right after because “boys defantly don’t wear nail varnish”.  This finger polish was obviously a little bit tricky to rub off!

The pic of Florence below just makes my heart ache as she just looks so grown up.  My smallest baby starting school this week is a GIANT pull on the ovaries and this photo makes me realise it even more!!

So I’m challenging you to do the same, just once a week, make sure you get a shot of the important people and make sure you don’t miss a thing.  Hands up who’s with me???  If you are, use the hashtag #weeklyfaces on whatever social media platform you love the most.  I would LOVE to see your faces!

Portrait of a beautiful blonde haired little girl looking at the camera with her crystal clear bluey green eyes.

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