Do I need a second shooter at my wedding?

What the blum is a second shooter?  It’s not a cowboy movie!


I hear ya I hear ya, weddings are an expensive business! You’ve got to stick to budget wherever you can and it’s hard to justify costs when things seem unnecessary to you, so it’s up to me to explain the role of the second shooter (don’t worry – no guns involved) and why it might be a good idea for you to book one for your wedding through your main photographer.


So what does it mean?


Let’s tackle the first question..what the blum is a second shooter? I see the second shooter as an extension of me who can have eyes in an alternative viewpoint. So if I’m busy with the couple, the second shooter will be getting candids, or getting details etc. Having the back up of a second photographer means that your main photographer has more breathing space for making more creative images.


I always work with second shooters who are also wedding photographers and have professional grade kit etc so all of your images will be consistent in quality and will have a similar or complimentary style to me – but ALWAYS they will be nice to have around too.


The easiest way for me to explain the role of a second shooter is to give some examples of where there might be two things being photographed at the same time.


Bridal Prep and Groom Prep



Coming down the aisle


First kiss 


Signing the register & guests chilling 


Confetti close and wide!


Coupley shots and guests milling



Groups and details


First dance and wider first dance!


Evening shenanigans




Now I know the thought of two cameras on you can seem a bit like you’re being papped – I can assure you we are well skilled at fading into the background ninja style, chatting amongst guests and generally not appearing to be out of place. Having a pre wedding session can also help you get over that feeling.

Obviously it’s physically impossible for ONE PHOTOGRAPHER to be in two places at once, as much as one day I really hope it will be – I will have a permanent place in front of Netflix with limitless cups of tea! So by having a second shooter along it gives you a number of opportunities for additional images that you just wouldn’t get otherwise. And it’s not JUST about additional images as too many images can be overwhelming anyway, it’s about capturing the day and also the reactions of your guests. It’s about having someone capturing Aunty Mavis’s moshing on the dance floor and someone else on reactions. Having those two viewpoints just helps to tell the story of your day that little bit better.

Because after all that is what having photography at your wedding is all about – capturing the story of your day, your love story as it unfolds – however that may be!


Is it always better to have a second shooter?

If you have a very small number of guests then obviously a second shooter might not be necessary, likewise if you are not planning on having any group shots or couple photos then that opens up a lot of time for your main photographer to get candid images of your guests and details etc. So they’re not always needed. I always chat to my couples about their wedding and will only recommend a second shooter if I feel that it would be beneficial.


It’s your choice.

So the thing for you to do now is to think about what is important to you and your photos and whether that will be possible with one or if a second is a good idea. Or if you want to have a chat about whether you think you need on, give me a tinkle – I SAID TINKLE…. NOT PIDDLE (slight Bottom reference for the die hards)

OK back to Netflix for me, if you have any recommendations by the way – I’m always on the lookout for something new to watch!





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