Picture of a mum playing with her toddler son with an advert for a photoshoot overlaid on the top.

When I was little, I remember my Grandad taking pictures.  I was the first grandchild, and although he had 11 children I was probably his only willing participant.  I remember him posing me in the garden – well, I think I do – I may just remember the photos now!  I definitely remember us all sitting huddled on the sofa watching his slideshow of the most recent snaps he’d taken.  I also remember holidays with my parents where my Dad would be attached to an old Canon round his neck and socks and sandals on his feet!

I don’t remember when I first got into photography, probably around 10 or 11.  I remember saving up pocket money to go and develop my film… and then I grew up and got a big girl camera and I find myself permanently on the wrong side of the camera for making sure I am in photots too!  Even if I don’t have my camera with me and just have my phone to take snaps on – the same as my other half, it still never crosses his mind to take photos because, well, that’s my job!

Black and white image of a mum holding her young baby son in his bedroom. She is smiling at him and he has a very amusing grumpy face!

My point is… there always seems to be the appointed photo taker in every family, and it’s usually us mums.  How many of you mamas are the same?  You always take snaps of the firsts, but also the more important bits in between like the snuggles with daddy, the bedtime stories, the giggles between siblings… it’s always YOU taking those photos.  But you need to be in them too!  And I don’t mean just selfies – I mean as well as (because we all love a fun selfie).

So, what’s the answer?  Have a Mum & Me session!  Make sure YOU are in the family album too.  I guarantee your kids and their kids and even the ones after that will thank you for it.  Have you ever looked through old photos and wondered what the people were like, I love doing that.  We love to know what the people in our family looked like, what people in the olden days dressed like and what they laughed at!!!  You owe it to your future spawn and grand spawn to be in these too!  But even less morbidly – while you’re still alive – pictures of you having fun with your fam will remind you of the happy bits every time you walk past the photo with yet another load of washing.

Black and white image of a mum lifting her little boy up to rub noses.

Here are 5 reasons you should be in the photo.

  1. You will have fun!  I carefully plan my sessions so they are completely personal to you and your family so that everyone involved has fun.
  2. It’s important for self esteem – see here!
  3. It’s a reminder that you’re not just here to keep the house tidy and the people in the house fed and watered, you’re important too.
  4. It’s for memories… you will love pawing over the images in years to come, flicking through an album and “ahhhing” at times gone by.
  5. You and your life right now, are beautiful.  You might try and argue with me on this one… but I am skilled at finding the best light and the best moments and I will prove it to you… just you see if I don’t!!

So who should be in the Mum and Me session?  You can make it about you and your small ones, or maybe you would like the session to be about you and your Mum?  What I want to ensure is that your relationships are documented in a way that will make you smile every time you look at them.  So if you want to be in the photo – leave your details below – or if you fancy it as your mother’s day gift, scroll right to the bottom and tag your other half in the facebook comments section.  And if you’re not ready to book yet… make sure you let someone else take the photos every now and then!!

Here’s what happened one of the times I handed over the camera… we were at the beach and I was putting something in my bag ready to play with the kids and a rogue exciteable dog raced up to me, obviously thought I was a lamppost and decided to spring a leak on me!!! Now, if I hadn’t have handed over the camera… who knows if I would have remembered this! Although I agree… some things are better forgotten!


Picture of me at the beach with my two children and a rogue dog had run up and decided to take a pee on me!




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